Probably one of the nicest full-sized wireless chiclet keyboards for PC (which used to come in a Mac version, however Logitech stopped selling them)

So I’m forced to use the PC version on a Mac, which comes with a few gotcha’s. For one, the PC version has a hardware-based FN key (the OS doesn’t know you’ve pressed it until you press the corresponding blue-text key as well)

Oh and the Vol Up/Down/Mute keys are one position left on the keyboard than the Mac equivalent.

Mac: F10 = Mute, F11 = Down, F12 = Up.
PC: F9 = Mute, F10 = Down, F11 = Up.

apple_web k750_web

Enter Karabiner

Screenshot 2015-09-02 14.30.27

With it, you can remap your keys and make customisations more relevant to the Mac world.

I find the Home/End re-mapping great.

Screenshot 2015-09-02 14.44.53

There are some exceptions where this shouldn’t be remapped of course, and that’s Remote Desktop sessions (which I use RoyalTSX for - see my previous blog post)
So we had to add an exception into the XML file - easy!

Screenshot 2015-09-02 14.46.58

In the following example I’ve remapped the following;

F3 = Spotlight
F4 = Launch (always found that handy in Windows)
F9/10/11 = Mute, Vol Down, Vol Up
PrtScr = OSX Screenshot to Clipboard
FN+PrtScr = OSX Screenshot to File

Put this code in your private.xml file;

Hit the Reload XML button and enable the “K750” options to suit you.

Screenshot 2015-09-02 14.48.40