Automating Maxmind GeoIP downloads on Windows

Sure – there’s lots of snippets for automating the GeoIP database downloads (with your Maxmind subscription) for your *nix boxes, but not many for Windows.


Here’s a simple PowerShell script that you can pop into your favourite job scheduler application (Batch Job Server, JAMS Scheduler, or *ugh* Windows Task Scheduler)


It’s pretty rough and not much error handling (I wrote it quickly) but it does the job to;


1. Download the latest GeoIP file

2. Unextract the double-zipped tar.gz file

3. Copy the unextracted .dat file to a location for you to use


(We use this in a webfarm environment, which is replicated to each web server via Microsoft’s DFSR)


It’s posted here on GitHub, so feel free to make improvements and collaborate 🙂


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